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The purpose of this site is to help keep our neighborhood well-informed and to create an open-line of communication between neighbors and friends.  If you'd like to have information added to the site, please contact the webmaster.

  • We had a fantastic response to the recent Gates Survey. The summary of the results are here.

  • The Bridgewood HOA 2015 Annual Meeting was held on 13 August at 6 PM (Social)/7 PM (Meeting).

    • Topics for the Annual Meeting included:

      • Continued need to increase the Reserve Fund

      • HOA fence maintenance/replacement (perimeter fence)

      • Street repair/maintenance

    • Due to low attendance/proxy submission, we did not have the required quorum to hold a business meeting. It was informational only, and a second meeting will need to be held to conduct HOA business.

    • Stay tuned for a new announcement of the second business meeting. A suggestion was made to hold the Annual Budget Meeting on the same night as the Second-try Annual Meeting. The Board is looking into the legality/feasibility of doing that.

  • Both a perimeter fence map and a legal opinion about the perimeter fences will be reviewed for accuracy and relevancy at the next HOA Board meeting and appropriate/accurate will be posted on the web site for all to peruse - this came up as a topic for discussion at the August 13 meeting

The Bridgewood Estates Homeowners Association was established to preserve the beauty, integrity, and safety of the community for the mutual benefit of all homeowners.

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