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The purpose of this site is to help keep our neighborhood well-informed and to create an open-line of communication between neighbors and friends.  If you'd like to have information added to the site, please contact the webmaster.

  • The Bridgewood HOA 2016 Annual Meeting will be held on 11 August at 6 PM (Social)/7 PM (Meeting). Annual Agenda and Notice 2016 2016 Annual Flyer

    • Due to low attendance/proxy submission in 2015, we did not have the required quorum to hold a business meeting. It was informational only.

    • Please come to the meeting this year so we can accomplish the business of the community.

      • Topics for this year include: community trees (along the street and sidewalks); intro to the budget meeting; Reserve Fund replenishment; new fencing; new asphalt

  • Work will soon begin on 750 feet of our perimeter fence; estimated start date is still pending

  • Tree trimming for all trees not meeting the minimum clearance requirements, 13 feet clear height street side and 8 feet sidewalk side, will begin the third week of July. Homeowners may opt to coordinate in advance for their trees to be trimmed, trim them in advance or be billed for trimming after the fact.

  • The Bridgewood HOA Annual Budget Meeting was held on 08 December at the Harbor Covenent Church. The proposed budget was sent out via mailing to all homes prior to the meeting, but attendance was inadequate to do anything more than to have an informational meeting. The proposed budget will go into effect on 01 January 2016.

  • Dog Issues - FYI
    • The board receives about 1 dog complaint a year – whether it be barking, biting or chasing. Unless HOA Solutions (our management company) has a specific log with dates, times and duration of barking, it is difficult to follow up and enforce. There are no specific rules against dogs barking. A continuously barking dog would likely fall under the “nuisance” category but is open to interpretation.
    • The board has found it more effective when the homeowner who is not happy with the barking dog calls animal welfare to complain. The dept. will come out to educate the owner.
    • The last time Animal Welfare visited Bridgewood (last year), they educated the owner for more than an hour. Based on the education, the dog stopped barking. The fear of losing the dog strongly encourages the homeowner to pay more attention, because that could be the potential outcome if Animal Welfare shows up more than once.
    • Animal welfare will also ask you keep a log of the barking before they will investigate

The Bridgewood Estates Homeowners Association was established to preserve the beauty, integrity, and safety of the community for the mutual benefit of all homeowners.

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