Bridgewood Estates Homeowner’s Association

Board Meeting

May 31, 2006

Terry Morrison’s house


Attendance:  Terry Morrison, Joe Faulkner, Rick Jones, Gordon Benjamin, Shawn Shaffer, and Deborah Swigart.


·          The meeting was called to order by Terry at 7 PM.  Minutes from the previous Board Meeting were approved as written.


New Business


·          The new placement of officers was completed, following the vote for new board members at the annual meeting held May 23rd.  New Board officers are:


-Terry Morrison, President (to serve a one-year term)

-Shawn Shaffer, Vice President (to serve a three-year term)

-Deborah Swigart, Treasurer (to serve a two-year term)

-Dianne Matthes (not present), Secretary (to serve a one-year term)


·          Joe Faulkner (one year term), Gordon Benjamin (two-year term), and Rick Jones (three-year term), will serve as Members-at-Large.


·          Shawn Shaffer volunteered to be the “gate commander” for the community; a discussion followed to decide the policy going forward for opening the gates for specific purposes.  The Board decided that the gates will be opened only for special events like a community-wide “garage sale day.”  Realtors will need to obtain the individual access codes for the sale property to allow access for prospective buyers, and all requests will be channeled to Shawn through Compass Management.


·          A general discussion followed re: generating “website awareness” among residents, to improve communication flow.  Deborah Swigart volunteered to create a colorful mailing piece, and Shawn will communicate with Darrel Roundy to revamp the customer experience at


·          Another general discussion involved a review of the policy of pre-approval for house painting.  Terry will confirm that Compass Management has the palette of pre-approved colors, which lets homeowners know which colors do not need to be approved in advance.


·          The request by a resident in Div 1 to place a sixteen foot tall flagpole in his back yard was considered, and the Board decided that allowing the flagpole would set a bad precedent and voted no.  Compass Management will send the resident a letter with our decision.


·          The issue of seriously encroaching blackberry bushes brought to the Board’s attention by the resident of Div III Lot 12 was considered.  The bushes are growing in the common open space bounded by Div III Lot 12, Div III Lot 13, and Div I Lot 7.  The Board decided that the bushes should be removed.  Once they are removed, we will decide if any replacement vegetation should be added.  Additionally, the open space in the same location (which now contains a septic drain field for Div I Lot 8) will be inspected to see if replacement ground cover vegetation can improve the appearance of that space.


·          Terry informed us that Compass Management has sent a letter to a resident in Div II regarding payment required for the removal of trash bags dumped in the common area.


·          Terry let us know that he had seen the utility shed in place at a home in Div III, and that the shed conforms to the specifications listed in the CC&Rs.


·          Terry will inform Compass Management to send a letter to a home owner in Div I that the landscaping of the property is not being maintained to acceptable standards.


·          Since our contract with Southgate Fence Company is expiring soon, and the issue of “travel charges” sends the message that a local company would better serve our needs, Terry will authorize Compass Management to seek bids from local firms.


Old Business


·          The replacement lamp at the 25th Street entrance is brighter than the existing lamps and has a more pleasing color, so the Board decided that this lamp should be our standard going forward.  Since all of the lamps are functioning properly now, the Board decided to wait until the fall and/or such time as several of the old lamps need replacing before making another purchase, so that we can obtain volume pricing from the vendor.


·          Since the issue of tree pruning and common area maintenance was a very big concern expressed by residents at the annual meeting, a general discussion resulted in clarification of which areas are common areas and which locations are homeowner responsibility.  Trees in the “strip” between the sidewalk and the street belong to the homeowner, and are the responsibility of the homeowner for maintenance.  Shawn mentioned a local tree service which he recommends, and he will contact this service to obtain a bid for common area pruning, and to see if individual homeowners can ask for services individually on the same bid.


·          Two homeowners are still delinquent in paying 2006 dues.  Compass has notified each to let them know of the delinquent assessments.


·          Terry reported that we have nine (9) of the temporary speed bumps in storage; the Board decided to sell them for $80.00 each. Terry also said he will contact Compass and/or the vendor that installed the permanent speed bumps to check the height of the bumps, which should be no more than three inches high as per the specs on our bid.


The meeting was then adjourned.


Submitted by: Joe Faulkner, acting scribe