Bridgewood Estates HOA Board Meeting

June 29, 2006

Shawn Shaffer’s Home


Attendees:             Terry Morrison, Shawn Shaffer, Rick Jones, Gordon Benjamin, Deborah Swigart and Dianne Matthes


The meeting was called to order by Terry Morrison at 7:10 p.m.  The minutes from the May meeting were read and approved.


New Business:


·          A complaint was made from a resident in Trellis Grove regarding a fence that was being installed at a home in Division III.  The fence was being erected in the open space.  The home owner’s were contacted and requested to move the fence, they denied the request.  The resident in Trellis Grove contacted Piece County and is pursuing action through the County, no response has been received by Bridgewood HOA from the County as yet and no further action from by us is required at this time.

·          A letter was sent to the residents at a home in Division I regarding an unleashed dog.  The owner of the dog seems to be obeying the leash laws since receiving the letter.

·          Terry met with Compass regarding the 2006 budget.  Because of excess spending last year, this year’s funds are going to be close but okay for the year.  All big projects will be on hold and any non-essential or outside spending will not be approved until the budget is more on track.  The board will consider an annual increase in homeowner’s dues, which is allowed by the CC&Rs, for 2007.

·          Residents having a party ignored a phone complaint from a neighbor.  The neighbor informed Compass and a letter was sent out to the homeowners hosting the party to be more considerate the next time.

·          Deborah brought up 4 issues:  maintenance in the cul-de-sac areas; signage on trucks and cars, tree trimming and house colors.  Most of the maintenance in the cul-de-sacs is done by the home owners, occasionally Clark Brothers will do some.  The signage on trucks and cars used by residents was discussed, no decisions were made at this time as how to handle it.  Deborah is concerned that the trees are not being trimmed.  Since the budget is tight, the board thought the tree trimming could be done by the home owners except for a few trees in Division I, all the trees are the responsibility of the homeowners since the trees are on their property.  Deborah is going to try to put together a paint palette of acceptable colors for the exterior of the houses.


Old Business:


·          Speed Bumps:  There has been no action on the spare speed bumps that are up for sale.  Terry is going to post them on a property management Web-site and lower the price.

·          Over-the-Fence Trash:  Several letters were sent to the owners of a home in Division II regarding the dumping of trash over the fence in a common area.  They did not respond, therefore, they will be required to pay for the trash pickup that was arranged through Compass.

·          Blackberry Bushes:  The encroaching blackberry bushes behind Division I/Lot 7; Division III/Lots 12 and 13 will be addressed at a later date.

·          Shawn is in the process of getting the software to manage the gates installed.  He is also willing to meet with Darryl Roundy to get the Web-page up to date. 


The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.



Dianne Matthes, Secretary

Bridgewood Homeowners Association