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Bridgewood HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2005



Board members:  Gordon Benjamin, Blake Goldberg, Bill Hilton, Mike Piacitelli

Guest:  Ms. Jill Shinn 


  1. The standard meeting agenda format was waived.   

  2. The guest from JC Higgins & Associates was introduced and given the floor.  Ms. Shinn discussed the relative merits and various levels of responsibilities for property management firms.  Q & A followed. 

  3. Treasurerís Report.  In lieu of the normal treasurerís report, the following items were discussed:

    • We will establish two tiered CDs for a portion of the now collected but not yet needed funds received from dues payments.  Gordon Action.

    • To date 79 of 117 homeowners are in good standing for 2005

    • Property tax in the amount of $59.23 is due.

    • No income tax payment is anticipated for tax year 2004.

    • ICW the collection of annual dues, the HOA Roster is being updated.  Gordon and Blake Action.

  4.  Old and New Business.

    • The gates require a service call.  Blake Action.

    • Need to revitalize welcome procedures for new neighbors.  Deferred to next meeting.

    • The Annual Meeting will be scheduled for the third week in April Meeting notice to be mailed out at least 20 days prior to the meeting.  Will attempt to use the GHYC facility.  Bill Action.

    • The Fence along the east side of the Div. I Tot Lot is run down.  Need to find out the history here.  Bill and Terry Action.

    • Mike Clark (Clark Bros. Landscaping) is in hospital.  Will send flowers and card from HOA.  Gordon Action.

    • Mr. Lang Taylorís property continues to be an eyesore.  Bill Action.

  5. Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned around 9PM.  The next meeting will be scheduled in March and will include a budget overview and preparations for the Annual Meeting.


Submitted by: 

William R. Hilton