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Bridgewood Estates HOA Board Meeting
July 10, 2007
Joe Faulkner’s Home

Attendees: Joe Faulkner, Gordon Benjamin, Darryl Roundy, Sharon Reid and Dianne Matthes.

The meeting was called to order by Joe Faulkner at 7:05 p.m. The minutes from the June meeting were approved.

Bill Koontz was not able to attend but he did deliver the financial report before the meeting. The balance on hand is $29,897; delinquent dues and legal fees still unpaid total $3,916. There is no notice regarding the fees that are added to late dues, that will be added to the statements when they go out for next year.

The letter going to Vladimir and Olga Usach regarding the non-operating cars being parked in their driveway, was reviewed and voted on to send the letter, which is the second notice. They will have until August 15th to move the cars or they will be towed at their expense.

A discussion was held regarding opening the gates for realtor open houses, it was decided to continue our enforcement of not opening the gates, people looking at the houses can call the realtor for access.

A lien was scheduled to be filed on July 5th regarding the Andreas lawsuit.

The street lamps have been updated except for one that needs a replacement globe, that is being ordered.

No solicitation signs have been ordered and will be placed by the entrances when they arrive.

Darryl is waiting for an estimate on cleaning the mail box roofs.

Clark Brothers have started to cut along Jahn again, a couple of sprinkler heads need replacing, they are on order.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Dianne Matthes, Secretary
Bridgewood Homeowners Association