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Bridgewood Estates HOA Board Meeting
August 30, 2007
Joe Faulkner’s Home

Attending were board members Joe Faulkner, Bill Koontz, Darryl Roundy, and Sharon Reid.

The meeting was called together at 7 PM, and Bill Koontz made a motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting as written. The motion was seconded and accepted.

Old Business

Legal action against homeowners Fred and Sherri Andrea:

A general discussion centered on how we might proceed now that we have notified our attorney, George Kelley, to rescind the arbitration effort. Joe’s last conversation with Kelley concluded that continuing the arbitration effort would represent a potentially endless series of costly legal efforts, since even an arbitration judgment against the Andreas would not guarantee that we could recover the monies spent. According to Kelley, a judgment against the Andreas would result in our filing a new lien against the Andrea property, but not against their mortgage. A lien of this type would mean the Association would have no greater standing than other creditors.
The conclusion of the discussion resulted in Board members Koontz, Reid, and Roundy agreeing to research legal alternatives to the arbitration effort, such as filing a notice in small claims court.

Repair of lampposts in Division I:

Joe and Bill reported on the latest update. Same Day Electric has not repaired the three (3) lampposts that we contracted for, and Joe will continue to follow up to make sure the repairs are made. After satisfactorily completing the work, we will switch vendors and use Delta Electric. Joe met this week with a representative from Delta, and they will begin repairs on the entrance gate lamps shortly.

New Business

Tree trimming in Bridgewood:

As a result of the trimming project completed the past week on 28th Street by Archon Tree Services, a discussion followed regarding future efforts. The Board