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Bridgewood Estates HOA Board Meeting
November 14, 2007
Joe Faulkner’s Home

Attendees: Joe Faulkner, Gordon Benjamin, Bill Koontz, Deborah Swigart and Dianne Matthes.

The meeting was called to order by Joe Faulkner at 7:25 p.m. The minutes from the August meeting were approved. Deborah Swigart was welcomed back to the board.

The 2007 expenses were reviewed and the 2008 budget was discussed and planned. There are still a few outstanding expenses to be paid, when the 2007 expenditures are current, the budget for 2008 will be finalized. Bill and Joe will be working on that project. When the 2008 budget is finalized, a letter with a copy of the budget will go out to all homeowners. According to the CC&Rs, the annual dues can be increased by 10% over the previous year without a vote from the homeowners.

A letter was received from Pierce County that the storm drains and retention ponds need cleaning, the sediment is over 60% full. The deadline for that cleaning is Spring/Summer 2008. Three quotes were received, the least expensive is for $28,000 that will include hauling away the debris. It will be announced at the annual meeting that a special assessment will be needed.

A complaint was received regarding a person giving piano lessons out of their home. According to our by-laws, Bridgewood does not allow home-based businesses that would impact the neighborhood with traffic, etc. Deborah and Sharon are going to speak to the piano teacher to get some facts in order to better assess the situation.

Joe has talked to Clark Brothers about cleaning out the vegetation around the Bridgewood signs, that will be done and some new plantings will go in their place, the new plantings will allow the signs to be more visible.

The repairs to the lights in Section I are still on-going. The company that has been doing the repairs is not too reliable. Bill and Joe are going to negotiate with them and hopefully the work will get done in the near future.

A letter was sent to the Northwest Mountain Region Air Traffic Organization regarding the helicopter school by Tim Hoiland. A copy of that letter was emailed to the homeowners for their information.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 p.m.

Dianne Matthes, Secretary
Bridgewood Homeowners Association