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Bridgewood Estates HOA Board Meeting
March 27, 2008
Joe Faulkner's Home

Attendees: Joe Faulkner, Bill Koontz, Gordon Benjamin, Sharon Reid, Deborah Swigart

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. The minutes from the November meeting were approved as written by Bill Koontz and seconded by Deborah Swigart.

Bill Koontz, Treasurer, provided an update on Y-T-D income and expenses for the community. To date, 102 of 117 homeowners have paid their annual dues, and expenses for January and February are showing a surplus of $2688.00 compared with the same time period in 2007. Three properties in Bridgewood are either in foreclosure proceedings or defaulting on mortgage payments, and Bill is monitoring closely with Compass Management, the financial institutions involved, and the realtors selling the properties to make sure all back dues and fees are collected on closing.

The budget surplus will be consumed shortly with the impending installation of the last speed bump on 30th Street and the invoice from Rainier Roofing for the mailbox station cleaning in late 2007. Additional upcoming expenses will include charges for replacing a dead fir tree at the 28th Street Tot Lot, a charge by Compass Management maintenance division for the installation of signs at the 28th and 30th Street entrances, and for landscaping rocks to be installed in the grass strips at the 30th Street speed bump location.
Last, Joe reminded the Board that an invoice is expected from DrainPro Company for the work performed on the street drain in front of his property in late November as a result of the illegal discharge of gasoline and oil by Vladimir Usach, Division III Lot 24. DrainPro had agreed to postpone the billing until the result of the bid for Bridgewood storm drain and retention pond cleaning is announced. If DrainPro had won the bid, the amount for the work performed on Joe's property would have been considered as part of the overall effort. The invoice will be charged to the Usach property.

The general discussion which followed the financial update included an informal review of Compass Management performance; the majority opinion among Board members present concluded that while Compass Management has its faults, the overall value received balanced against the fees paid is acceptable.

Old Business

Gordon Benjamin called for a motion, and Joe seconded the motion, to write off the balance owed by Fred and Shari Andrea, Division II Lot 40. The balance owed ($1939.13) represents the amount required to pay for clean up of debris deposited in the common area bordering the property, and had resulted in additional legal expenses to collect the penalties assessed. After all members present were convinced that attempting to collect the penalties assessed would result in additional legal fees that had already equaled the amount of the penalty, a vote was taken and unanimously approved to eliminate the balance.

New Business

The first item was the discussion of a proposed general assessment to the community to pay for the cleaning of the storm drains and retention ponds mandated by Pierce County. The result of the discussion was a unanimous decision to put the assessment vote to the community through a mail-in ballot to Compass Management. Unlike previous assessments for non-mandatory capital improvements over $10.000.00, the Board reasoned that a community wide meeting for a discussion was not necessary, and that the Bridgewood Bylaws allowed for a mail-in ballot. The lowest bid from three vendors was submitted by Apex Drain Company LLC of Eatonville, WA, for $13,538.89, or $115.72 per residence. Bill Koontz made a motion to accept the Apex bid, and Sharon seconded the motion. Joe agreed to draft the letter to accompany the ballots, and will emphasize that the vote is to authorize the funding of the assessment.

Joe then initiated a discussion of a proposed revision of several sections of the "Rules and Regulations" for Bridgewood Estates homeowners, to bring the statements in line with the CC&Rs. The summary agreed to by the members present is as follows:

  1. Section 3.3 will be revised to eliminate the words 'or alternative' in relation to the material used to construct roofs in Bridgewood. Separately, the idea was proposed to introduce to the community the topic of alternative materials (i.e. recycled rubber shake) now available from distributors such as State Roofing Company. The discussion will be one of the topics addressed at the annual meeting in May.

  2. Section 4.1 will be revised to reflect the language conveyed in the CC&Rs regarding the 'commercial' use of residences in Bridgewood. The discussion surrounding this wording included the activity at Division II Lot 19, the home of Rik & Patti Jamieson. Gary Shields, Division II Lot 23, has lodged a complaint about the piano lessons being taught at the Jamieson residence as being in violation of the CC&Rs' prohibition of commercial activity. After a thorough discussion regarding the fact that no one in the community other than Shields has voiced a complaint about the activity, and the comments by Board members Joe, Sharon, and Deborah that very little activity has been observed to corroborate Shield's contention that the activity has a detrimental effect on the common area (entrance gates and roads), the Board voted and unanimously approved a motion to table further discussion on the matter.

  3. Section 4.4 regarding parking/vehicles/towing will be revised to include language stating that no homeowner is permitted to park a vehicle on the gate sensors with the purpose of holding the gates open.

  4. Section 4.15 regarding the payment of homeowners fees will be revised to reflect the language used in the CC&Rs and the 2008 statements.

  5. Section 4.17 regarding garage sales will be revised to state that there is one annual community-wide garage sale, and that the date of the sale will be communicated at least 30 days in advance so that all may have adequate opportunity to participate.

In the 'open forum' session, Joe mentioned that Terry Morrison has volunteered to power wash the gates, which have accumulated algae over the winter months. The only difficulty is asking neighbors to donate the use of a water hookup.

The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.