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Bridgewood Estates Homeowners Association
Meeting Minutes
April 9th, 2009

  1. Board members Joe Faulkner, Bill Koontz, Sharon Reid, and Darryl Roundy met at the Tanglewood Grill in Gig Harbor; the meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM. Homeowner guests included Bill Hilton and Terry Morrison.

  2. Minutes from the February meeting were read and approved as written; Darryl Roundy will post the minutes on the web site

  3. New business: the transition from Compass Property Management to HOA Community Solutions was discussed; action items are as follows:

    • Bill Koontz volunteered to compare local banks for rates/fees so we can decide which bank to choose as of May 1, 2009

    • Joe verified that Juanita Carbaugh of HOA Community Solutions is reviewing our CC&Rs, Bylaws and Rules & Regulations

    • Notification to homeowners will be sent this week, along with the agenda for the annual meeting in May

    • Bill Koontz and Joe Faulkner will set up a time next week to meet with Naomi Friedrichsen of Compass to stop by the storage shed in Gig Harbor and decide which items that were salvaged from the fire at Compass’ Gig Harbor office are worth retrieving

  4. Bill Koontz reviewed Y-T-D figures for the annual budget; fourteen (14) homeowners have not yet paid 2009 dues

    • Joe will notify Compass to send a final notice to Usach residence (Div III Lot 24) re payment of 2008 special assessment and late fees. If not received by 4/30, lien proceedings will begin

    • Bill Koontz mentioned that Laura McDermott (Div II Lot 35) still owes late fees associated with 2008 special assessment

    • Darryl Roundy mentioned we might be able to add a ‘Pay Pal’ option to the web site to make payments easier for homeowners going forward

  5. Division I Tot Lot fence repair issue:

    • Fence between the McDougall property (Div I Lot 8) and the Tot Lot is deteriorating rapidly and should be repaired. There is a question on whose property—the McDougalls or the Association—the fence is built. Bill has volunteered to verify with the plot map to determine. If the fence is on homeowner property, we will rebuild on Association property to prevent establishing a precedent of repairing a homeowner fence.

    • The issue above brought up a general discussion about the perimeter fencing for the entire development. Bill Koontz says each homeowner is responsible for repairs since the fence is not built on county property or association common property. Bill and Sharon agreed to form a task force to verify for future reference.

    • The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:30 PM

Submitted by:

Joe Faulkner, President