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Bridgewood HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2005



Bill Hilton, Joe Faulkner, Mike Piacitelli, Blake Goldberg, Jervis Pereira, Terry Morrison 

Minutes from the February 28th meeting were read by Joe Faulkner and approved as submitted. 

Treasurer’s report was abbreviated by Bill Hilton due to the absence of Gordon Benjamin.  Dues update: 104 of 117 paid. 

A.C.C. issues: Bill Hilton will draft letter to Hong residence (Div III Lot 2) re their choice of paint colors for house exterior.  Board will approve a color palette for exterior house painting and issue reminder at the April meeting regarding procedure for requesting approval for changes to house exterior colors. 

Homer Dodge (Div III Lot 1) has submitted an approved proposal for construction of a tool shed on his property. 

Old Business:

We have sent a get well card to Clark Bros. wishing a speedy recovery to Mr. Clark, head of our landscaping crew. 

Div I Tot Lot-all is well, with the exception of the verbal objection by Steve and Jolene Sugg (Div III Lot 14) regarding the dumping of dirt into the open space bordering their property by the play structure installers.  No action required. 

New street lights in Div I-being replaced as quickly as possible (Bill Hilton action) 

20th Avenue Ct. NW sidewalk-being handled by Terry Morrison 

Video Surveillance signs on gates-Board agreed to wording to be presented at the annual meeting in April, if the issue arises, as follows: “the signs are privately funded, and were installed to enhance security in the neighborhood” 

CC&R compliance issues/changes to CC&R-will be formalized after the April meeting, and presented as part of the negotiation package with a prospective Property Management firm (Board action)

JC Higgins & Associates, the Property Management firm whose representative made a presentation at the Feb. 28th meeting, was approved unanimously by the Board, subject to a final review of a detailed proposal (Mike Piacitelli action) 

Kami Bohlinger, (Div II Lot 25) will be invited to join the Board during our next “open enrollment session,” when another Board member steps down. 

Blake Goldberg reported that the gates are now on a quarterly maintenance schedule, which should keep them running smoothly. 

Bridgewood Estates Web Site-thanks to the efforts of Darrel Roundy (Div III Lot 5) and Board member Jervis Pereira, the site is quite useful and receiving more hits each week.  Jervis will elaborate at the April meeting. 

New Business:  

New Neighbors Committee-we need to establish one.  The approved Property Management firm is a possibility, as is Kami Bohlinger if she agrees to serve on the Board.  Blake Goldberg has agreed to serve as the “Roster Master” since he receives the latest homeowner updates with requests for gate controls. 

Annual meeting in April:

-Joe and Bill will handle the newsletter this week to send to homeowners

-Joe will update the roster with attendee info

-Refreshments will be served, Board members should wear nametags

-Board resolution will be introduced saying that only members in good standing are eligible to vote

-We will ask for volunteers to serve on the Board when vacancies occur


Next Board Meeting:  scheduled for first week in May (time & location TBD)


Meeting was adjourned by Bill Hilton