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Bridgewood HOA

Annual Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2005


Meeting was held at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club. 

Attendees: 25 residences were represented by a total count of 35 residents (including 6 HOA Board members) 

HOA Board Members present: 

Bill Hilton, President (presiding)
Joe Faulkner, Secretary
Gordon Benjamin, Acting Treasurer
Blake Goldberg, Member-at-large
Jervis Pereira, Member-at-large
Mike Piacitelli, Member-at-large 

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Bill Hilton, who made introductory remarks thanking the residents who took the time to attend.  Bill also noted that our Association bylaws require an annual meeting and that notices were sent out 30 days prior to the meeting. 

Bill then introduced the Board Members present and mentioned that an initiative in 2004 to form a Bridgewood Welcoming Committee did not materialize, and that the Board was committed to re-energizing that effort for 2005. 

Bill then announced that the attendee count was not sufficient for a quorum to exist, and as a side note mentioned that the Board has recently resolved that only members in good standing are eligible to vote on matters before the Association.  As of this meeting nine (9) residences had not paid 2005 dues and thus were not in good standing. 

Reports of Board Officers followed: 

Joe Faulkner, Secretary, read the minutes of the 2004 annual meeting.  The minutes were approved as read. 

President’s Report:  Bill Hilton highlighted many accomplishments and challenges from 2004, including: 

  • Jay Shaddox, past President of the Board of Directors, stepped down in early 2004, and Bill volunteered to fill the position, which was voted on and agreed to by the Board in May 2004.

  • Terry Morrison, a Board member who could not be present tonight, contributed much of his time for the betterment of the neighborhood, and deserves our thanks for having served for eight years.

  • The Division I Tot Lot was greatly enhanced with the installation of new sod, a sprinkler system, and a new play structure.  The disposition of the play area is still an open item.

  • The grass at the gate entrance areas was vandalized.  We received an insurance settlement, which was placed into our general fund, since Bill Hilton and Terry Morrison reseeded and repaired the grass areas personally.

  • A gate call box at the 28th Street entrance was vandalized, and repaired at a cost of @$2500.00

  • Mike Knorr, former Treasurer for the Board, moved in 2004 and Gordon Benjamin volunteered to serve as Acting Treasurer.

  • The Board resolved to refer violations of “Open Space” issues to the proper authorities in Pierce County Planning and Land Services department.

  • The Board also resolved that homeowners who register complaints with the Board should do so in writing.

  • The issue of exterior paint color selection by homeowners has been a source of continuing challenge for the Board this year.  Bill reiterated that no advance approval is required by a homeowner if there is no change to the color, and that the Board will produce for 2005 an approved “palette” of colors which, if selected by a homeowner, would also not require advance approval. 

  • A bus shelter at the 25th Street entrance was approved by the Board and constructed by Jonathan Phillips as an Eagle Scout project. 

Gordon Benjamin, acting Treasurer, then gave a budget review for 2004.  One of the changes Gordon implemented in 2004 was to shift funds into higher interest bearing 90-day CD accounts. 

Blake Goldberg, member-at-large, reviewed issues with the entrance gates and summarized our maintenance policy with the SouthGate Fence Company, located in Olympia. 

Jervis Pereira, member-at-large, reviewed the launch of the web site, which is now fully functional and serving as a useful tool for the Association. 

The meeting was then opened for general comments from attendees: 

  • Homer Vandergrift mentioned that he felt we are getting outstanding value from our contracted landscaping crew, and that we need to enforce the CC&R provisions regarding unkempt and unsightly yards by homeowners.

  • Terry Cook mentioned that the Board should consider alternative methods of communicating the CC&R provisions to homeowners for greater awareness and compliance, and that we should clean and repair the signage at the entrance gates and the cedar shingles over many of the mailbox stations.

  • Jan Mathes mentioned that we should clean street signs within the divisions for greater clarity at night

  • Jim Holthouser asked if permits were required for garage sales, and the response from the Board was that there is no approval required.

  • In response to numerous references by attendees to CC&R enforcement issues this year, Bill Hilton mentioned that the Board is considering proposals from several property management firms to bring an independent voice to delivering the message to homeowners in cases of CC&R violations.   

Bill Hilton then read the written inquiries to the Annual Meeting notification from homeowners not present, including: 

  • Sheryl Laughlin is concerned about cars speeding in the neighborhood, particularly along 25th Street, and what we might do in response, such as install speed bumps.  Bill then mentioned to all that the issue has been addressed before, and that the cost of installing speed bumps has been deemed excessive.

  • Brian O’Neil is concerned about the aging of the cedar shake roofs in the neighborhood, and suggests we consider alternatives when replacements are necessary.  Board member-at-large Mike Piacitelli responded that in the near future, cedar shake replacement might not be available due to insurance regulations. 

In closing, Bill Hilton then mentioned that there may be vacancies on the Board for 2005, and that we would like to encourage new participation.  Kami Bohlinger and Dianne Mathes volunteered their names for consideration, and Deborah Swigart and Diana Kuhr volunteered to serve on a Bridgewood Welcoming Committee. 

The meeting was then adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Joe Faulkner