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Bridgewood Estates HOA Board Meeting

April 25, 2006

Dianne Matthes’ Home

Attendees:       Blake Goldberg, Kami Bollinger, Gordon Benjamin, Rick Jones, Joe Faulkner, Terry Morrison, Carolyn Tucker, Wendy (Compass) and Dianne Matthes

The meeting was called to order by Blake Goldberg at 7:15 p.m.  The minutes from the November meeting were read and approved.

Carolyn Tucker presented the financial report, 6 families have not paid their dues yet; notices have been sent.  A discussion regarding the amount of the penalty put on the homeowners who are in arrears was discussed; no decision was made at this time to increase it.

Old Business:

  • Speed Bumps:  A motion was made and passed to add another speed bump on 28th by 19th.  A motion was made and passed to cover the existing speed bumps with asphalt ones, it would cost $600 - $800 per bump but would make them better looking and make a smoother drive.
  • Division I Lights (22):  An estimate was gotten to replace the high intensity lamps with a larger-sized bulb, not as bright but longer lasting (approximately 6 months) which would help the photocell to last longer.  There was some concern about the lamps being darker; Carolyn is going to have the company do 1 lamp for an example to see how it is received before contracting with the company to replace all of them.

New Business:

  • Trees:  Common areas had quite a bit of tree damage due to the winter storms, the cost will be paid by the HOA.  Clark Bros., will trim the existing trees and do some extra clean-up by the entrances.
  • Complaints:  The process for complaints goes from Carolyn to Blake, they discuss the complaint and a plan of action is put into place. 
  • Treasurer:  The title of Treasurer has been shifted from Gordon to Blake.  Blake is the person who interacts with Carolyn on financial issues, no need for a separate treasurer with the management company in place.
  • Board Size:  A discussion of the size of the HOA Board was held, 5 or 7 people?  That issue will be added to the agenda for the annual meeting and a decision will be made then.  A flyer is going to be mailed to the homeowners asking if anyone would like to volunteer for the board.
  • Gates:  The fact that the gates are open during peak commute hours each day and on weekends to accommodate realtor Open Houses and garage sales, was discussed.  The reason is to minimize the stress on the motors.  A concern was voiced about the lack of security when the gates are open so much.  Several suggestions were made about the weekend openings; realtors could post notes on the gates requesting that house lookers dial the realtor for admittance and garage sales could be limited to 2 a year, perhaps one in June and another in September.  This issue will also be added to the agenda for the annual meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m. 

Dianne Matthes, Secretary
Bridgewood Homeowners Association