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Bridgewood Estates Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

May 23, 2006


Meeting was held at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club. 

Attendees: 26 residences were represented by a total count of 33 residents (including 5 HOA Board members); Carolyn Tucker and Wendy Johnson from Compass Management. 

HOA Board Members present: 

Blake Goldberg, Acting President
Dianne Matthes, Secretary
Gordon Benjamin, Member-at-large
Kami Bohlinger, Member-at-large
Rick Jones, Member-at-large 

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Blake Goldberg.  Blake welcomed the residents who took the time to attend and introduced Carolyn Tucker.  The HOA Board introduced themselves. 

The minutes from the last annual meeting (4/21/05) were handed out for residents to read; a motion was made and approved to accept the minutes. 

Carolyn Tucker gave the Treasurerís Report:   

 $21,585.31 in checking

 $5,129.36 in Step CD (matures 3/27/07)

$10,376.92 in Money Market

Total Assets: $37,091.59

 There are 2 homeowners delinquent on dues.  A question was posed from the floor regarding what we do when homeowners are delinquent.  Dues not received after 90 days are considered late and are assessed a $25.00 late fee.   All dues and fines outstanding after July 1st are accrued at 12% compound interest.  Any homeowner fees/fines unpaid within the allotted time, shall become a continuing lien on the lot owned, which lien may be foreclosed by the HOA.  A discussion was held to consider rescinding that rule to utilize stiffer fines, that issue will be addressed at a later date. 

Gates:  Blake is still covering the responsibility of the gates and will turn that over to another board member shortly.  There was a repair to one of the call boxes due to vandalism. 

Lights:  The lights in Division I are getting old and becoming a problem, replacements have been ordered for the insides to modernize them by using a longer shelf-life bulb and making them safer as the old lamps were shorting out which could cause a fire.  The newer insides will cost $175.00 per lamp.

Trees:  Residents complained that trees in common areas were not being maintained properly and the common areas were looking shabby.  Compass will get some estimates from arborists for trimming and Clark Brothers will be asked to do a better job in maintaining the common areas. 

Nominations for the HOA Board were held; there were none from the floor.  Board members who were willing to run for another year, stated their qualifications.  A ballot was distributed for voting (1 per household).  The following people were elected: 

Gordon Benjamin
Rick Jones
Dianne Matthes
Terry Morrison
Shawn Shaffer
Deborah Swigart
Joe Faulkner will remain on the board to complete his term. 

Blake Goldberg has decided to resign; he was thanked by the board and residents for stepping in when needed and doing a great job. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted, 

Dianne Matthes