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Bridgewood Estates HOA Board Meeting

September 28, 2005

Dianne Matthes’ Home


Attendees:       Blake Goldberg, Mike Piacitelli, Kami Bollinger, Gordon Benjamin, Rick Jones and Dianne Matthes 

The meeting was called to order by Blake Goldberg at 7:10 p.m.  The minutes from the August meeting were read and approved. 

The Balance Sheet for August was mailed out to the Board Members by Compass; it was reviewed and agreed upon that it was in order. 

Old Business:           

  • The speed bumps were discussed in length.  One has been placed along 28th, it was mutually agreed upon that we need some more feedback.  Another speed bump is going to be placed along 25th and a questionnaire, sent by Compass, will go out to the homeowners asking for their opinions. 
  • Street Signs – no decision was made as to how to make them more visible at this time, it will be tabled until a later date when more information is available.
  • The Rules and Regulations were edited; they will be ready to be delivered to the homeowners within the next few weeks.
  • Rental home restrictions – more information is needed to make a decision, it will be addressed at a later meeting.


New Business: 

  • Rick Jones was welcomed to the Board as a Member at Large; he will be replacing Jervis.
  • A Succession Plan should be put together for the Board Members that will include length of term, etc., Blake is going to get the Bylaws from Compass, at that time, and it will be addressed and implemented.


Dianne Matthes, Secretary
Bridgewood Homeowners Association